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Best Ebook Promotion Sites

Most authors these days realize that getting their book listed on some of the more popular ebook promotion sites can expose them to a whole new group or readers.

Not every ebook promotion site is equal however: some will list your book only if it’s free, while others will list it only if it’s 99c or more.

Some promotion sites will only list ebooks if they are on Amazon Kindle, while others will promote books on Apple iBooks, Kobo, Nook (Barnes and Noble), Smashwords, or Google Play.

Not every site accepts books without a certain number of reviews, just as not every site accepts every genre; erotica and poetry in particular are rarely accepted by book promotion sites, whereas romance, sci-fi, mysteries, and thrillers are accept almost everywhere.

Below is our list of the best ebook promotion sites that we’ve found over the last 4 years in the publishing industry. We keep this list up to date, so if a book promotion group or company stops operating, we remove them from the list so as not to waste your time. Likewise, if we notice a book blogger that hasn’t posted for a month or two, we know they’re not going to be a great way for you to promote your book, so we remove them from the list as well.

Where possible, we’ve included discount coupon codes or promo codes for any of the ebook promotion sites that have them available (not every site does unfortunately!).

Lastly, we’ve included video reviews for many book promotion sites, so that you can see the results that other authors have had by using their services.

List of Ebook Promotion Sites